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Checking and Savings

Checking and Savings

Make sure your Checking Account transactions are protected.

Sign-up for Overdraft Protection today!

Overdraft protection is a service that helps you prevent returned or rejected items when you have insufficient available funds in your checking account. With overdraft protection, available funds from your Overdraft Line of Credit, Savings, Money Market Savings, or credit card are automatically transferred* to your checking account if you should overdraw your account.

Overdraft protection is a valuable part of your financial mix of products.

  • Avoid fees for returned check charges from stores or creditors.
  • Protect your credit rating. You can pay your bills on time — Overdraft Protection covers your checks even if you don’t have enough money in your checking account.
  • Automatically transfers funds when you need them.

How it works

To provide you with the most flexibility, we create an overdraft “path” for you.  That means you can use the credit available in your Overdraft Line of Credit or credit card and the funds in your savings accounts as back-up protection for your transactions. If you have an Overdraft Line of Credit, that will always be used first, but then you can choose which account(s) to use next.

Overdraft Line of Protection – With credit limits from $1,000 to $5,000, Premier America Credit Union’s Overdraft Line of Credit gives you peace of mind knowing your transactions will be covered. Our Overdraft Line of Credit is an open-end revolving line of credit with a low variable rate and no annual fees. Apply online 24 hours a day and get your line of credit in minutes.

Credit Card - Whichever card you carry, you can use your available balance to provide overdraft protection.  Apply for a credit card.

Savings Account – Linking your savings or money market savings to your checking account provides automatic transfers of funds when you need them.  To avoid the transfer fee, you can also use Online Banking to transfer* money.


Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection

With Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection, your debit and ATM card transactions may be paid at our discretion even if you don’t have sufficient available funds in your account.  It will also kick in if you deplete your standard overdraft protection.

What are the advantages of this protection?

  • Increased convenience – your purchase may be approved when you don’t have sufficient funds in your checking account.
  • A “safety-net” – important if you need to make an unexpected purchase or if you don’t have another form of payment.
  • Peace of mind – There is no fee to add the Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection to your account and no fee if it is never used.
  • Get cash when you need to. Even if your checking account is low, you can withdraw cash from your checking account at an ATM (up to your daily ATM cash limit).

Opt-in to make sure you’re covered

Log in to Online Banking or call us at 800-772-4000, option 0 to make sure that you have this valuable benefit and know that your every day debit and ATM transactions are covered.

Visit your branch or call us for assistance in creating your overdraft path.  Whichever accounts you choose for your overdraft protection, we are ready to assist you with your financial needs.

*Federal Regulation D limits certain types of withdrawal and transfer transactions you can make out of your savings or money market accounts to six (6) per month. After 6, an Excess Withdrawal Fee will apply.


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