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Online Banking Home Page FAQs

Several commonly asked questions about the Home Page are presented below to help get you up to speed using this new page. Scroll through the topics to get the information you need most.

What's on the New Look for Home Page?
The home page contains task-specific areas that are usually found on several different pages within Online Banking.
  • My Accounts is where you can see all of your accounts and balances categorized by type
  • Make a transfer enables you to make a one-time funds transfer between your accounts
  • Clicking Quick Peek opens a window that shows the most recent transactions for the account
  • Use Go to payments link to pay your bills and manage your payees
  • Purchase Rewards is where you find valuable offers for each eligible account along with the rewards amount that has been earned
Where can I find my transactions?

Clicking Quick Peek opens a new window that shows the balance and available balance along with the most recent transactions or payment activity for that account. Just click the X button on the top right or anywhere outside of the window to close it. Clicking the account name or the Go to account history link opens the New Account History Page for that account. 

Quick Peek

Where can I find the detailed account history?
Just click the account name link that you want to open the New Account History Page. That's it. The page will open with transaction details for your default date range.

 Quick Peek: Checking
How do I find my joint accounts?
Your joint accounts will be displayed in the My Accounts area separated by a gray bar.

How do I pay my bills?
If you are already using Bill Pay in Online Banking, just click on the Go to payments link to pay your bills and manage your payees.

How do I use Rewards program offers?
If rewards offers appear in an account, you'll see the 'Rewards' section at the top right of the screen. Clicking the New or On card number link, the Earned this month dollar amount link or the All offers and options link opens the Rewards program summary page.

Which browsers can I use to view the New Look Home Page?
Browsers that are officially supported include: 
  • Internet Explorer 8 and 9
  • Firefox 
  • Safari 6 (Mac only)
  • Chrome

Should you have any additional questions please call a Member Services Specialist at 800-772-4000.
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