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FinanceWorksTM powered by Quicken makes

managing your money easier

Get the big picture… all in one place

We’re glad we can help people improve their financial situations. That includes educating our members and giving them tools - like FinanceWorks - to help them make good financial decisions for the future.  FinanceWorks solves your most important, everyday financial problems with ease by helping you budget and gain control over spending so you can save more. This tool also allows you to track every account, loan, investment, bill and credit card on one webpage.  It helps you spot spending trends and keeps you informed. View video:

  • See where you’re spending your money... stay on budget and find ways to save.
  • Ensure bills are paid on time – track your bills in one place no matter how you pay them.
  • Know how much you really have to spend – view your projected balance based on upcoming transactions and paycheck deposits.
  • Simplify tax time – track deductible transactions for your expenses
  • Gain more control of your personal budget and spending habits so you save more and reach your goals.
Track every dollar.

FinanceWorks connects to over 18,000 financial institutions so you see all of your accounts, not just your accounts at Premier America.  It tracks every dollar you earn, spend and save, showing past trends and future projections.

Manage your cash flow.

FinanceWorks doesn’t just show it all, it analyzes it all.  You can manage your bills all in one place, regardless of how you pay them, and be reminded when bills are due.  Projected cash flow tells you how much you have available to spend or save until your next paycheck.

Spend less. Save more.

You’ll discover spending habits you never knew you had.  Find new places to save money.  FinanceWorks will help you see your spending.  Set goals. Reduce debt and take control of your finances.

Stay on course.
Set spending goals for each of your categories. Then utilize email alerts, so you’ll get forewarning before you blow the budget.

See your finances in a new light with FinanceWorks. Login into Online Banking and then click on FinanceWorks to take control of your finances.

Log in to Online Banking to start using FinanceWorks!

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