No matter what kind of vehicle you need,
we make it fast an easy to get behind the wheel. 
Plus, get no payments for 90 days!

Premier America Credit Union   COMPETITIVE New, Used & Refinance Auto Rates
Premier America Credit Union   NO PAYMENTS for 90 Days
Premier America Credit Union   FLEXIBLE TERMS for Lower Payments
(36-84 Months)
Premier America Credit Union   NO DOWN PAYMENT Required 
(Finance up to 120%1 of your vehicle)
Premier America Credit Union  
  Concierge Service
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Apply today for a great auto loan with
no payments for 90 days

Promo Code:
when applying.
 *Not valid with existing or refinanced Premier America vehicle loans. All loans and accounts are subject to approval and underwriting guidelines will apply. Interest begins accruing upon disbursal of the loan and continues throughout the 90-day payment deferral period. Program may change or end without notice.
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