Travel Tips


Make the most of your time away, while keeping your finances secure. 

1. Plan ahead. Book your flights three to four months in advance to get the best price and selection.

2. If you want something, ask. Don’t be afraid to ask for an upgrade for a flight or hotel room.  Many merchants have the freedom to provide upgrades and perks.

3. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Make copies of the front and back of your travel documents, including your passport and driver’s license. Also, make a list of the customer service contact information and the last four digits for cards you have with you. Store the information in a secure location such as a hotel safe. If you don't have a secure way to store the information, lock it up at home. If needed, you can ask a trusted family member or friend to assist you.  

4. Prepare the evidence. Take photos of your luggage, including the contents. If the airline loses your luggage, it will make it easier to find them. You’ll have a record of what needs to be replaced if it can’t be recovered or is damaged beyond repair.

5. Let us know when you’re traveling. Maintain uninterrupted use of your Premier America debit and credit cards by submitting a travel notice before you leave. To submit a notice online, log into Online Banking and click on the “Services and Forms” tab. Or, call us at 800-772-4000, option 0 to submit a Travel Notice. 

6. Manage your finances from afar. Download the Premier America mobile app to check your account balances, transfer money, make deposits, find the nearest ATM and more.

7. Use a no-fee card. Premier Privileges Rewards Mastercard® has no foreign transaction fees, so you won’t be charged extra for purchases you make abroad.

8. Don’t miss a payment. Set up bill pay to schedule one-time or recurring payments while you’re away.

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