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When it comes to finances, the easier it is to manage your money, the more you can achieve with it. Premier America’s new and improved Online Banking experience increases the power at your fingertips to bank, track, and plan your path to financial freedom.
Manage your money with ease -  Enjoy a universal, seamless experience across all devices – anytime, anywhere. Access all of your favorite features from before,* along with more powerful tools and simplified navigation making your everyday banking easier. Whether on the go or lounging at home paying bills, tracking spending, or taking control of your accounts it’s easier than ever.

Simplify account management and payments - Monitor all of your accounts from one place with flexible payment and customization options. Choose your accounts’ order then categorize and add nicknames to easily view them. Link external accounts to pay bills and Premier America loans.

Send money to friends, family and people you know with Zelle® - Now featuring Zelle®, Online Banking supports fast and secure digital payments, removing the hassle of handling cash or checks.

Harness your financial future - With newly enhanced money management tools you can easily track spending and map out savings goals. Stick to your budget with the help of card controls that let you set spending and location-based limits for debit card transactions.

Security under your watch - Take charge and keep your money safe with advanced card controls. Lock your credit or debit card directly in Online Banking if you lose your card or suspect it has been compromised. Set card protections in minutes, and simply unlock the card once it is safe and sound.

With so many features just a tap or a click away, explore the power and convenience of new Online Banking, and discover where your money can take you.

If you haven’t already logged in to the new Online Banking system, click here for easy login instructions and how-to videos. Also, be sure to update your Premier America Mobile App.

*All features from the previous Online Banking system remain available with the new Online Banking experience, except for Popmoney, which has been replaced with Zelle.®

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