With the days getting longer, we feel an extra spring in our step and renewed energy to declutter our home and life. This is also a great time for digital de-cluttering and taking steps to keep your cyber life organized and secure.

Lock down your logins. Review your passwords, and change any that aren’t strong or effective. Create a unique password for each account, or use a password manager to securely store and auto-fill your logins. Also, where available, turn on two-step verification for added security of your online accounts.
Review your online accounts. Delete any accounts you no longer use. For accounts that you plan to keep using, consider whether you can delete saved information, such as credit card data. Ensure that your contact information is up-to-date for receiving important notices and customer support identification.
Do a digital file purge. Review all of your devices and delete old files and emails, and empty trash bins. Unsubscribe to newsletters and email alerts you don’t read. Remove any apps and web browsers you’re not using. Also, securely dispose of old electronic devices. Wipe them of personal data, or look for a local electronic waste event to properly dispose of your devices.
Update your devices. Update apps, browsers and operating systems on all devices that connect to the internet. Enable automatic updating for optimal security and performance.
Back it up. Live worry-free with multiple back-up measures in place. Copy your files and important data to a secure cloud site or password-protected backup drive. Automatic back-ups are great, but check on them to ensure they’re doing what they should.
Security you can control. Take charge and keep your money safe with advanced card controls. Lock your credit or debit card directly in Online Banking if you lose your card or suspect it has been compromised. Set card protections in minutes, and simply unlock the card once it is safe and sound.

A little digital scrubbing will help protect your life online and keep your information secure. Another great spring cleaning tip is to review your contact information on-file with Premier America. You can conveniently review and update your information (as needed) in Online Banking or by giving us a call at 800-772-4000.

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