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I’m excited to share with you many great things that are happening at your credit union. Meeting our mission to provide exceptional service and value remains at the forefront of our continual efforts to improve our operations and the products you rely on. We continue to work diligently to reduce call wait times within our Contact Center and we’ve seen steady improvements as we’ve added a significant number of team members and implemented automated tools to improve our response times. We know it’s frustrating to have to wait to speak to someone about your money. We have many service improvements ahead, including the launch of online chat in August that will provide another convenient service option to you.
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When buying a house, preparation is key to succeeding in today’s competitive market. Discover what you need to know, and how Premier America’s lending team can make home buying easier.
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BUDGETING: Charting the Course

Mapping out a plan is the best way to reach any destination. You have to chart a course before you set sail. The same goes with your finances. From a new ride to a summer getaway to that dream home, preparing a budget – and sticking to it – is the surest route to achieving your goals.
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Have you ever wanted a one stop shop to update your payment information for all your account services? Card Swap will update your Premier America Credit Unionissued card payment info for all your favorite online brands, all at the same time and all in the same place. It’s easy! 
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Pay Bills With Your Card.

Using multiple sites and methods to pay bills means more login credentials to remember, more to keep track of, and more opportunities for payments to slip through the cracks.

Luckily, our new Biller Direct service changes everything. Not only can it handle all your bills in an easy, intuitive interface, but it lets you make payments with your card in real time – so you know exactly when your bills are paid.
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Having your accounts online gives you safe and secure access to your finances, 24/7! With online banking, you have the power to check your account balance, transaction history, open new accounts or apply for new loans, lock your cards (debit or credit), schedule one-time or recurring transfers, link external accounts, and so much more!

Enrollment is free and easy, simply click here and enter your information.

Questions? Call one of our Member Service Representatives at 800-772-4000, option 5.

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