Coming Soon: CARD SWAP

Have you ever wanted a one stop shop to update your payment information for all your account services? Card Swap will update your Premier America Credit Union issued card payment info for all your favorite online brands, all at the same time and all in the same place. It’s easy! NEW CARD? NO PROBLEM. You just log in and enter your Premier America-issued card number, provide log in info where you stream, watch, listen, shop and subscribe, and Card Swap does the rest.

To get started:
1. Log in to Online Banking
2. Click on Pay Bills
3. Click on Card Swap
4. Follow the screen prompts
5. Verify your Premier America Debit or Credit Card
6. Log in to what account services you want to link

Once all your desired accounts are linked, you can swap out expired cards or change the card stored for that service. You can easily update payment across multiple subscriptions!
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