BUDGETING: Charting the Course

Mapping out a plan is the best way to reach any destination. You have to chart a course before you set sail. The same goes with your finances. From a new ride to a summer getaway to that dream home, preparing a budget – and sticking to it – is the surest route to achieving your goals.

Discover the power of a budget to help you TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR SPENDING, TRACK EXPENSES, and SAVE MORE MONEY. Understand the impact of seemingly small expenses, like your daily Café Latte, and stretch your dollar farther as you cut costs and choose affordable alternatives. Budgeting promotes better habits and choices so you can save for your dreams and prepare for emergencies.

Keep your finances on-track with Online Banking. View account balances and transactions all in one place, and see the categories where you spend the most. Also, link external accounts to get a full financial picture – all from your Online Banking Home page.

Set your sights ahead with Goal-Based Savings Accounts. Create a separate account for each goal. Calculate deposits to reach your target date, set one-time or recurring contributions, and monitor your progress with visual dashboards online.

Stay the course with Card Controls. Stick to your budget with the help of card controls that let you set spending limits for debit card transactions.

Track and save with Bill Pay. Pay all your bills from Online Banking to help track your spending, and avoid late fees by scheduling recurring and onetime payments.

Keep the sharks – and debt – at bay. Consolidate all credit card debt onto one Premier America Mastercard with no transfer or annual fees.

Navigating your financial future takes effort, but with a goal and a plan, your dreams are within reach. Visit Premier America’s Online Banking Help Center for tools to help you stay on course and in budget.
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