Money Management and Budgeting

Looking for a simple way to manage your money this year? Let us help
take the hard work out of budgeting and saving for your short- and
long-term goals.

Here are two tools to help you manage your money and save more.

1. Money Management - Our Money Management tool is available through
Online Banking or the Mobile App and it can help you understand where
your money goes, allows you to reduce unwanted spending and helps save
for future goals. You can view and manage your data all conveniently and
securely within your account.

2. Automatic Savings. Whether you have a specific goal in mind or you
just want to save for the future, you can set it and forget it with automatic
transfers from your checking to savings accounts each month. Have
more than one goal you want to save for? Open a separate account for
each one. You can even name your accounts, making it easier to keep
track of how much you’ve saved for each goal. To get started, visit your
local branch or call us for help setting up your account.

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