Message from the President/CEO

Dear Member-Owner,

Life can be complicated enough without your financial institution making you jump through hoops. Many places require multiple product relationships, balance minimums or crazy fees in order to get the best value for your banking. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. At Premier America, we’re focused on delivering exceptional service and product value with no complicated requirements or crazy fees.

This year, we’re continuing to make it easy to reach your savings goals faster by paying competitive dividend rates with no complicated relationship requirements. Recognizing that we need to offer great options for short and long-term savers, we’ve again raised our certificate and money market rates. We now offer a standard 3.00% APY* 60-month certificate  (not a promotional rate) and money market rates that are well above what you’ll find at the national banks. I encourage you to visit to see how our dividend rates compare to other financial institutions.

We don’t believe in charging punitive fees to access your money. Last year, we eliminated the foreign ATM, overdraft transfer and money market minimum balance fees. This year, we’ll continue to eliminate fees to add greater value to your Premier America relationship. We recently listened to some great Member-Owner feedback, and eliminated our debit card replacement fee.

In a recent Yelp review, a Member-Owner described Premier America as a “best-kept secret” in banking. It’s true that not enough people understand the exceptional value and service experience credit unions like Premier America have to offer. I hope you continue to find banking with Premier America rewarding, and I encourage you to share the benefits of credit union membership with your friends and family.

Best regards,

Rudy Pereira


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