Enjoy Great Benefits With A Premier Privileges Rewards Mastercard

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We took a look at the competition and think our Premier Privileges Rewards Mastercard is one of the best credit cards available. Not only does it come with a low fixed rate,  no annual or balance transfer fees, it also includes these great features: 

REWARDS - You’ll earn 1.5 points for each dollar you spend. There is no limit to the number of points  you can earn, and your points never expire! You can redeem points for gift cards, cash back and a variety of great merchandise. 

A PERFECT FIT FOR DIGITAL WALLETS - Pairing our Rewards Mastercard with your preferred digital wallet lets you shop with confidence at millions of places online, within apps and in stores. Paying by digital wallet lets you speed through checkout safely and securely. Our Rewards Mastercard is the perfect fit  for use with Apple Pay™, Google Pay™ and Mastercard Masterpass.

CONTACTLESS PURCHASES - With a Rewards Mastercard, you can shop safely with a contactless, chip-enabled card. Speed up your purchase - just tap your card on the payment reader wherever you see this symbol

ID THEFT PROTECTION - One of the advantages of our Rewards Mastercard is online identity theft monitoring. You also get access to identity theft resolution services should your card be used fraudulently.

If you don’t have a Premier Privileges Rewards Mastercard, apply today at PremierAmerica.com/ApplyNow.

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