With mortgage rates at record lows, home prices continue to rise. It may seem challenging to find an affordable home. Yet, with careful planning and a few life hacks, you can make one of life’s biggest dreams a reality.
1. INCREASE YOUR PURCHASING POWER. Cut costs and increase income to raise your down payment. Explore ways to lower cable and utility bills. Add a part-time job or sell valued items you no longer need that will add to your wallet and lighten your moving load. While many home buyers don’t pay 20% up front to bypass personal mortgage insurance (PMI), the more you put down, the greater your options. Use our online mortgage calculator and Mortgage Consultants to identify affordable monthly and down payment goals.
2. EXPLORE REFINANCING. Premier America can help you refinance your auto loan and consolidate debt to achieve lower rates. If you’re a homeowner, a home equity loan may support the purchase of a second home or add improvements that boost the sale price of your current home.
3. GET PRE-APPROVED. Getting pre-approved for a loan before you house-shop helps you know how much home you can afford and narrows your focus on buying within your budget. It also lets the seller know you are a serious buyer. When you’re pre-approved, you increase your chances of snatching up a good opportunity before it passes you by.
4. CONSIDER ALL COSTS. Before buying, assess all costs associated with a home, including upkeep, home improvements, homeowners’ association fees, and property taxes. Invest in a thorough home inspection to avoid costly surprises later. Negotiate from knowledge and be willing to walk away, if necessary. Stick to your budget to ensure a comfortable lifestyle you can afford.
Speak with a Premier America Mortgage Consultant about our flexible and competitive options. With good preparation, a great lending advisor, and a realistic outlook, you can make finding that dream home a reality.

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