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Many people are opting to hit the open road for their next vacation. If this appeals to you, here are some safety tips to help you safely reach your destination.
PLAN AHEAD. Book a hotel in advance. If driving an RV, make a reservation. Check the weather report in advance, and attain any necessary equipment, such as snow tire chains. Check online for any travel restrictions in the area you hope to visit. Also, know the driving laws, which may differ by state.
VEHICLE CHECK-UP. Make sure your vehicle is road ready before you go. Regular inspections help ensure your trip doesn’t stall along the way.
CHECK YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE. Review your policy’s coverage or your rental car coverage. If multiple drivers will help with the long haul, confirm they are covered too. This could be a good time to switch providers and gain peace of mind.
AVOID DISTRACTED DRIVING. Keep your a­ttention on the road by following these tips:

  • Have a passenger answer your phone or return text messages for you
  • Pull over in a safe spot before using your phone
  • When traveling in a group, prepare ahead to support a calm ride. Start the music before you drive, keep the volume low, and be sure to plan quiet activities and comfortable seating for infants and kids

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