Message from the President/CEO

Dear Member-Owner,

Do friends, and family give you a funny look when you tell them you bank with a credit union? Admittedly, financial cooperatives like Premier America are still a foreign concept to many people. Consider yourself among an informed minority that have  recognized the value and benefits of banking with a credit union! As more consumers look to do business with organizations that are community-minded, and provide exceptional value, and experience, we have a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the financial advantage of credit unions.

Credit union growth has always faced two big challenges: people don’t think they’re eligible to join, and they don’t believe they’ll have convenient access to their money. This year, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) kicked-off an unprecedented national awareness campaign titled Your Money Further to help dispel these myths and increase consumer consideration of credit unions. The campaign is focused on communicating the idea that with better rates, fewer fees, and better service, credit unions allow people’s money to work smarter to help them reach their dreams. Premier America is a contributing sponsor of the campaign, and we’re excited about the reach and impact it has already achieved.

While a national awareness campaign will do wonders for our movement, the strongest advocate for credit unions is you! Over sixty percent of new Premier America members come by way of referral, and I encourage you to share the gift of membership with any friends, and family living in Ventura County, Los Angeles County or the Westchase district of Houston, TX. It’s with your help that we can open more people’s eyes to the financial advantage of credit unions - higher savings rates, lower loan rates, no crazy fees, and no hoops. In doing so, we will strengthen our credit union, our industry and help more people reach their dreams faster.

Best regards,

Rudy Pereira


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