Premier America Credit Union Update

Rudy Pereira

Message from the President/CEO

Dear Valued Member,
Your confidence and trust in letting Premier America help you manage your money and secure your financial dreams means everything to us. We know that you have many options when it comes to banking and as a member of Premier America, your Online Banking experience should be second-to-none. That’s why we’re taking a little more time to ensure our New & Improved Online Banking experience exceeds your expectations. You can expect regular updates as we work towards making the conversion to the new system easy and convenient for you in August 2021.
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HOME IMPROVEMENT TIPS - Stretch Your Dollar Farther

For homeowners, summer is a great time for tackling home improvements. Whether you’re looking to accomplish a large project with professional help or smaller DIY jobs, here are some cost-saving tips to transform your wish list into reality.
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Coming Later This Summer

This August, we’re launching a new and improved Online Banking experience to provide you with more powerful tools to make managing your money easier. Enjoy the freedom to track spending, pay bills and control your accounts from anywhere.
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How To Avoid Overpayment Scams

How To Avoid Overpayment Scams

If you are selling something online, or through an ad, you may be targeted by an overpayment scam. Overpayment scams occur when someone sends you too much money, then requests a refund for the excess amount. Here are 6 tips to help you spot and avoid being a victim of an overpayment scam.
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