For homeowners, summer is a great time for tackling home improvements. Whether you’re looking to accomplish a large project with professional help or smaller DIY jobs, here are some cost-saving tips to transform your wish list into reality.
1. Plan to Add Value. It may be tempting to jump right into choosing paint colors, but first take time to set goals and prioritize projects. Are you looking to resell your home or stay in it for a while? Consider which projects will be a good return on your investment. Kitchen and bathroom renovations and room additions often increase a home’s value. An expert can help identify other economical projects, such as installing a low maintenance lawn or energy efficient fixtures.

2. Do Your Research. Learn how to take on a small project yourself, or better prepare your questions for the experts. Explore your options and consider durable materials that will reduce long-term upkeep and repairs. Also, consult friends and neighbors about renovations they’ve done, any challenges they faced, and experts they’d recommend.

3. Time It Right. Create a realistic timeline that will minimize incidental costs and not overlap with planned vacations or family events. Also, schedule projects during the off-season to avoid paying higher rates.

4. Finance It Flexibly. Request estimates, but prepare for unexpected costs. A Premier America Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) can provide a flexible way to fund ongoing projects and changes in plans.

Enjoy the benefits of a HELOC:

 • Borrow what you need, as you need it
 • No application or closing fees, no annual fee
 • Convenient card access – easily draw funds up to your credit limit*  

Speak with a Premier America Loan Officer to help you make your dream home a reality. Call us at 800-772-4000 to get started today!

*Ranges from $10,000 to $500,000

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