Smart Tips for Easy travel

Here are 7 tips to make traveling easier during the busy holiday season.

1. Let us know when and where you’re traveling. Maintain uninterrupted use of your Premier America debit and credit cards by submitting a travel notice before you leave. To submit a notice online, log into Online Banking and click on the “Services and Forms” tab. Or, call us at 800-772-4000, option 0 to submit a Travel Notice.

2. Make copies of important documents. Copy the front and back of your passport, driver license and credit cards to leave copies at home and carry with you while traveling. That way if your passport or cards are lost or stolen, you’ll have copies of the information to replace them.

3. Beware of free public WIFI. Avoid logging into financial accounts or entering passwords while using free public WIFI. Only enter passwords when using secure, password-protected WIFI.

4. Separate your sources of money. Don’t keep all of your cash and cards in one spot. 

5. Beware of a helper at an ATM. Never let anyone near you while you’re making an ATM transaction, and ALWAYS cover the number pad with your hand while entering your pin code. If someone approaches too closely, take your card and find another ATM. 

6. Password protect your phone and add a tracking tool. Set up a password to unlock your device using a strong, unique password and change it regularly. Also, enable location tracking and install a wiping software so you can track down your phone or destroy data if it’s stolen.

7. Avoid over-sharing online. Sharing travel plans on social media makes it easier for thieves to time a crime. Instead, wait to post about your trip after you get home.

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