Transforming Resolution into Reality

Minding your money is a popular New Year’s Resolution, and for good reason. Saving more and spending less is the path to a brighter future… that is, if your good intentions don’t fade by February. To stay on track, follow this roadmap to improve your financial health:
SET GOALS AND A BUDGET. Whether you’re planning to buy a new car, plan a family vacation or make home renovations, map the total expenses and set a monthly savings plan.

SAVE AND INVEST AS A HABIT. Put aside a set amount each month, and pay towards this goal as your first expense.

REVIEW SUBSCRIPTIONS AND SERVICES. From phone bills to ‘no-longer-free’ trials, identify services to eliminate or replace with more affordable alternatives.

REDUCE DEBT. This is a great time to talk with a Premier America mortgage specialist about refinancing, and to transfer high-rate credit card debt to the fixed, low-rate Premier Privileges Rewards Mastercard with 0% introductory rate.1 Worry less and do more with no annual or balance transfer fees, plus earn rewards with your credit card purchases.2

MAXIMIZE MEMBERSHIP PERKS. Your health insurance might cover gym fees and meal programs. Associations, like AAA, offer many other discounts.

SHOP FOR REWARDS. When shopping online, use credit cards or cash-back websites, like Ibotta and RetailMeNot, that provide refunds and rewards for shopping at specified vendors.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. Premier America’s online and in-app money management tools help you monitor spending and calculate saving toward each goal. Personal finance tools, like and QuickBooks, also help you track and prioritize expenses.

LASTLY, FOCUS ON SMALL CHANGES. Transforming your resolution into reality takes consistent – daily or weekly – action. Your improvements add up to great savings that can lead you to new places and possibilities.

Ask a Premier America personal banker today about ways you can start saving.

1APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Introductory rate of 0.0% applies during the first 6 months on all new accounts, then a fixed Annual Percentage Rate ranging from 10.99% – 20.49% will apply. 2Waiver of transfer fees applies to balances transferred from another lender to Premier Privileges Rewards Mastercard® via a transfer request submitted to Premier America Credit Union in-branch or online. Premier America does not grant rewards points for balance transfers. Earn 1.5 rewards points per dollar on purchases. All credit union loan programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

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