Supported Browser Summary

Our site is optimized for use with certified/supported browsers. Other browsers might not be able to operate all of the site’s features.

February 2021


Online Banking: Supported Browser Summary

  • Google Chrome (latest):  Supported, Tier 1
    • Mobile (latest): Supported for responsive content, Tier 1
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest):  Supported, Tier 1
  • Safari:
    • Safari 11: Supported, Tier 2
    • Safari 10: Supported, Tier 1
    • Mobile (latest): Supported for responsive content Tier 1
  • Internet Explorer 11 (latest): Supported, Tier 2
  • Microsoft Edge (original): Supported, Tier 2 
  • Microsoft Edge (latest chromium-based): Supported, Tier 2

System Settings

Unless otherwise noted in this policy document, the following settings and plug-ins are required to properly access Online Banking.

•         Cookies Enabled (first- and third-party)

•         JavaScript Enabled

•         Minimum screen resolution for responsive content 320 pixels wide

•         Minimum screen resolution for non-responsive content 1024 x 768 pixels

•         PDF reader Compatible1

1 Any compatible PDF viewer will suffice. For some operating systems PDF viewing capabilities are available out-of-the-box without the need to install additional software. If a native PDF viewer is not available for a user, you can recommend popular PDF viewers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Online Banking: Supported Browser Details

Responsive Content

Portions of Online Banking or your Web Center site may be responsive, meaning the viewable content conforms to the size of a user's browser window. If the content is marketed as responsive, the Browser Policy's Tier 1 support is extended to cover screen sizes from 320 pixels to 1170 pixels wide. Content wider than 1170 pixels will be classified as Tier 2 support while screen sizes less than 320 pixels are unsupported.

NCR Digital Insight’s Quality Assurance testing will use iPhones, iPads, and Android devices for testing Mobile Safari (iOS) and Mobile Chrome (Android OS) browsers. Due to the frequency of updates for these devices, platforms, and software, the team will limit testing to the latest version of the browsers and operating systems. Devices used for testing will represent a few of the most popular devices on the market. While not all device/OS/software combinations can be reasonably tested for every release, the NCR team will research any issues presented on devices that are currently supported by a major manufacturer, generally available, running the latest OS, and using the latest Mobile Chrome (Android OS) or Mobile Safari (iOS) software.

Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are released on extremely rapid release schedules. Because of this, Chrome and Firefox may release new versions of these browsers between releases of NCR solutions; however, the content and functionally of these releases are highly unlikely to negatively affect NCR Digital Insight solutions. Therefore, we will not test NCR Digital Insight solutions against every release of Chrome and Firefox. When testing a consumer release, NCR Digital Insight Quality Assurance teams will test the solution in the latest available version of the browser at the time of the release to ensure that the experience is optimized for that version of the browser.

Safari (Mac Users Only)

Important note about cookies settings: By default, Safari blocks all third-party cookies from being accepted. This setting will cause parts of Online Banking, including Bill Pay and other third-party services to function incorrectly. If end users experience any issues accessing these parts of Online Banking using Safari, please verify their cookie settings by going to Safari > Preferences or by hitting the Command key plus the comma key and looking at the Privacy tab. The option for Block cookies should be set to “Never.”

Internet Explorer

As of October 2020, Microsoft has announced deprecation for Internet Explorer in 2021.  They will start to remove support in their upcoming product releases beginning with Microsoft Teams in November 2020.


What this means is IE will no longer be maintained or updated by Microsoft. Security patches, bugs, enhancements.  Microsoft has elected to focus its usability and support on their newer Chromium browser(s) and will begin only supporting that solution in Microsoft 365. At the time of publication, IE11 and Microsoft Edge are the only browsers being maintained by Microsoft. Based on changes from Microsoft, and due to very low usage statistics, NCR Digital Insight will only include Tier 2 support for the most current version of IE and Microsoft Edge for Online Banking and Web Center web sites.

We do not support issues with our offerings related to the viewing of the pages in Internet Explorer Compatibility View. If users have Compatibility View enabled for any of NCR's Digital Banking offering and are reporting any difficulties, the first step for remediation is to disable the Compatibility View feature.

Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Edge was the default browser for the Windows 10 Operating System and is the original browser included in Microsoft 365.   
  • Overall usage of the latest version as of August 2020 remains relatively low at less than 5% of total Online Banking users.
  • For this reason, we are certifying the latest Microsoft Edge browser as Tier 2.
  • Microsoft has announced the end of life for this browser and will only be offering the newer Edge chromium-based browser for Microsoft 365 in 2021.

Mobile and Tablet Browsers

Mobile browsers are web browsers that are optimized to effectively display web content on mobile devices. NCR Digital Insight utilizes responsive user interfaces that support smaller screen sizes, for devices like tablets.

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