Easily Pay Bills With Your Premier America Debit or Credit Card.

Using multiple sites and methods to pay bills means more login credentials to remember, more to keep track of, and more opportunities for payments to slip through the cracks.
Fortunately, our new Biller Direct service changes everything. Not only can it handle all your bills in an easy, intuitive interface, but it lets you make payments with your debit or credit card in real time – so you know exactly when your bills are paid.
1. Log in to Online Banking
2. Click on Pay Bills
3. Click on Biller Direct
4. Add a bill
5. Login to that service to grant access to Biller Direct
Once you grant access to a biller, you can schedule auto-payments or manual payments and choose whether to pay with your credit or debit card. That’s it! Feel free to add all your bills to make this your new hub to get your bills paid immediately.

Biller Direct vs. Bill Pay 

           Biller Direct               Bill Pay     
Payments made in real time  
Make payments with your credit or debit card  
Text notifications for payment updates  
Email notifications for payment updates
Make recurring payments
Pay your bills from one convenient location
Send person-to-person  
Send payments electronically (ACH) or
as a paper check from a checking account
Simplify paying your bills with Biller Direct. It’s a great way to save time and pay bills securely. Get started now by logging in to Online Banking or the Mobile App and selecting Pay Bills from the left menu.

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