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FREE* Text Banking is the simple, secure solution to keep track of your accounts; right from your mobile phone! Get fast answers and make smarter decisions on the go.

With Text Banking, you don’t need a smartphone or the internet to make simple transactions. Plus, you’ll be able to view balances and transactions and make transfers without the extra step of logging in.
Register for Text Banking and then text commands to 21443 to receive account balances, transaction history or to transfer funds. Text Premier America and you'll receive a reply text in seconds. 
 Text Banking Set Up  Stay on top of your finances
Once you have created your account aliases and completed the set up, a text will be sent to your mobile phone verifying your registration.
When you use a mobile phone and Text Banking to access your account, keep the following in mind:   

  • Not all of your accounts are accessible.
  • Balances provided may not include recent or pending transactions that have not yet posted.
  • Text Banking is covered by our Online Banking Guarantee.
  • Text messages are not secure or encrypted.
  • Text messages do not include personal or detailed account information (e.g., PIN/Password, email address or full account numbers).
  • Protect your mobile phone as you would your personal computer by using proper security methods such as the use of passwords to access your phone and/or locking the phone.
  • Always keep your mobile phone in a safe place where others may not access the information stored on the phone.
  • Delete your history of old Text (SMS) messages regularly.
Mobile Banking


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I format commands when I use Text Banking?
Commands are not case-sensitive. Spaces are required. For a specific account include the Alias (accounts are assigned aliases at set up). Amounts may exclude cents (ex. 1.75, 1.00 or 1).

Short code 21443 Premier America Credit Union
Balances in your checking and savings accounts
Balances from a specific account
Last three transactions in your checking and savings accounts
Last three transactions from a specific account
Transfer between eligible accounts. Use your Mobile Alias that you created in text messaging registration to transfer FROM and TO plus the AMOUNT. Use spaces. (Ex. pa tfr alias1 alias2 amount)
SMS transfer help
List of valid commands
Email and phone number to contact us
List of eligible accounts, last 4 digits and ALIAS (short description)
Unregister your device
Where can I download Premier America’s Text Banking commands?
View our Easy Reference Card which includes Text Banking commands and additional helpful mobile banking information. Our Easy Reference Card is also available at your branch and is sized to fit in your wallet.
What is your short code so I can handle my Text Banking?
Our short code is 21443.
Should I add the short code 21443 to my contacts on my mobile phone?
Yes, we recommend you add 21443 to your contacts for ease of use.
Can I just send free form text messages saying what I want to do with my account?
Text Banking only responds to texts that include the specific commands shown above.
How would I use Text Banking?
Text Banking is ideal for balance inquiries and transfers between your accounts when you are on the go. You may also request the recent transaction history on your accounts (last 3 transactions).
Why would I want to use Text Banking?
It’s FREE* and fast. You don't need a smartphone and you don't need the internet. No personal information (such as your full account number, PIN or email address) is exchanged or visible to others.
Can I access my account from more than one mobile phone?
Yes, you may register multiple mobile phone numbers for Text Banking.
Are there any mobile service providers that will not support our Text Banking?
If you are able to send a text on your mobile phone then you may register for Text Banking.
Why are my inquiries received as multiple texts?
All texts are limited to 160 characters. Because some texts exceed 160 characters, you will receive your account information in multiple messages.
What does it mean when I see “1/2” in the text message I received?
The label “1/2” means that you are reading the first in a series of two messages. To avoid confusion, always read messages in the correct order.
Why are the texts out of order when I read them on my mobile phone?
Texts are sent to you in the order they are intended to be read. Depending on your mobile provider, it may take longer for some messages to be delivered than others. Their order may get mixed up on the way to your phone. Please note the labels (“1/2”, “2/2”, etc.) and read them in the correct order to avoid confusion.
Why am I not getting all of my deposit accounts balances or history via Text?
Accounts that you have disabled or hidden within Online Banking cannot be accessed via Text Banking. 
I lost my phone, how can I unregister it and still keep Text Banking active to register my new phone?
You can both unregister and register your mobile phones on our Text Banking Set Up site or you may contact Member Services at and we will assist you.
I have registered for Text Banking so why am I unable to receive texts on my mobile phone?
In some cases you may need to reregister (for example if you have changed your PIN or challenge questions). If you have any questions, please contact Member Services at
What happens if I get locked out?
You must contact us to reset your PIN and then choose a permanent PIN on your computer. For security reasons, you may not specify your new PIN on your mobile phone. In some cases you may need to reregister for Text Banking if you change your PIN or your challenge questions.
How do I unsubscribe from text messaging?
Send the command “pa stop” to Premier America (short code 21443).
I unregistered my phone but how do I unregister from Text Banking Service completely?
Please contact Member Services at and we will handle your Text Banking deregistration.
Common Error Messages
Message: "Service is temporarily unavailable."
Reason: You may be locked out. Please contact Member Services at
Message: "Login Update required. More info at"
Reason: Your PIN or Password may have changed. Please log in at the Text Banking Set Up site with your current PIN/Password to update and synchronize Text Banking. If you need assistance please contact Member Services at or 800-772-4000.

* Although Premier America offers Text Banking as a free service, you may be charged access rates depending on your carrier and service plan. Standard text and/or internet charges may apply.




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