Introducing A Whole new look for
Premier America

Some things change. Some things never will.
You might have noticed some changes to your credit union. Premier America has rolled out a new logo and brand identity. We designed this new identity to help us tell our story better than ever before — to reflect our commitment to inclusivity and equality, to recognize the potential of our community, and to provide the guidance to help make dreams happen.

It's all about the Power of AND.
Watch our brand film.

Connected to our values and focused on the future.
Fairness. Respect. Inclusion. A focus on shared success. These are just a few of our
credit union’s values that come through stronger than ever in our new branding.

At Premier America, we think of ourselves as pathfinders. So when we look out at our
community, we see the potential of every individual. And often, all a dream really
needs to come true is the guidance and opportunity to make it happen.

Every person and every path, we see you.
We know that sometimes, someone from our community might look at a bank or a
financial institution and think, they’re not really speaking to me. We want to change
that. So tell your friends, and tell your family, Premier America is here for them.

You might be wondering.

Q: Why are we refreshing the brand? 
A: Like the communities we serve, our organization has evolved. We designed this new identity to reflect our commitment to inclusivity and diversity and to help us tell our story better than ever before.  

The reimagined brand will help position Premier America for continued growth and communication with future members in the communities we serve. 

Q: When will the brand change take effect? 
A: Beginning mid-December, you will start to see the new logo and brand at our branches and online.  

Q: Is the rebrand a result of a merger or acquisition?  
A: No. The brand change is not the result of a merger or acquisition of any kind. We will continue to be owned by you, our members, just as we are today.  

Q: What will change with the new brand?  
A: There will be no impact to your existing relationship with us, or any changes to your day-to-day banking. You will begin to see our new brand in our branch signage, collateral, website and online banking beginning mid-December. 

Q. Is anything happening to our Online Banking/Mobile app?
A: Our Mobile Banking App icon and logo will be updated but the functionality of the app and Online Banking itself will not change.

Q: What other changes can we expect?  
A: In mid-December, we will be updating the website with our new logo, colors and brand look and feel. Structurally and functionally, the website will still remain the same. 

Q: Will any of my account information change?  
A: No. All of your account information and current preferences/settings will remain unchanged.  

Q: How will fees, loan rates and deposit rates be impacted by the brand change?
A: Rates and fees will not be affected by this change. We will continue to monitor our rates and fees as we always have to ensure high value and return to our members. Rates and fees do fluctuate, as they adjust in response to market conditions.  

Q: Am I going to receive a new Premier America Credit Card or Debit Card?  
A: Not yet. In order to minimize expenses, we will not be mass reissuing new Premier America Credit Union debit or credit cards with the new logo. Current active debit and credit cards can continue to be used, and will be replaced with a card reflecting the new branding when they expire or if an incident of fraud or a stolen card occurs. 

Q: Am I going to get new Premier America Credit Union checks? 
A: Not yet. Checks with the new logo will not be mass reissued to Premier America Credit Union members. However, the next time that you need to reorder checks, they will be updated with the new logo. 

Q: Who should I contact with additional questions? 
A: Please stop by your local branch during business hours Monday through Saturday, or call (800) 772- 4000 to speak with a Member Service Representative.  
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