From CEO: Q2 2023 Update

March 2023 | Category: Newsletter
Dear Valued Member,

Last year, Premier America celebrated its 65th anniversary milestone and I’m proud to say that the credit union’s foundational purpose of providing exceptional value and service to members and local communities, remains the core of everything we do. In light of the recent occurrences with Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank that have prompted many depositors to evaluate the strength of their financial institutions, you can be assured that the credit union continues to make sound investments, performs responsible business practices, and manages risk appropriately in order to maintain healthy capitalization and liquidity. We’re primed to achieve great things in 2023 and continue our legacy of going above and beyond to provide great service and safety in our next 65 years.

We’ve hit the ground running this year and seeing positive results from our new plan in action. Since implementing a service improvement plan for our Contact Center, we’ve significantly reduced call wait times and improved support levels which have resulted in a steady increase in member satisfaction. Year-to-date, our Contact Center has achieved a 29% increase in the score members rate us on how likely they are to recommend our services to friends and family. This improvement is moving us closer to our goal of achieving best-in-class service for our Contact Center.

This year, we’ll also be focused on digital service improvements including updates to our online account opening process and digital card services. In June, we’re set to launch an improved online card management system, including benefits like the ability to instantly issue a digital version of your debit or credit card, so you don’t have to wait for a recently ordered card to arrive in the mail, to access your account. This new system will also make it easier to manage your card alerts, travel notifications, order a new card, and lock/unlock your cards.

Speaking of cards, I’m excited to announce that through our strategic partnership with California State University, Northridge (CSUN), we’ve officially launched CSUN branded debit and credit cards! CSUN affiliated members can now show off their school spirit while taking advantage of the great value of our checking and credit card accounts. If you, a family member, or friend are affiliated with CSUN, I highly encourage you to bank with pride and get your CSUN debit and credit card. Thank you for being a valued member, and for your trust in Premier America.


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