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Helping You Stay Safe Online

  • Security
  • June 2021
  • Premier America
Making sure you stay safe online and your account information is secure, is important to us. Here is helpful information to help ensure your online experience is safe and secure.

Never share your Online Banking Login ID or Password

Play it safe and keep your log in information private, never sharing it with others or storing the information in an unsecured area. You’ll never be contacted directly by a Premier America representative and asked to provide this information. If you ever need help accessing your account online, you can contact our Online Banking Support directly at 800-772-4000, option 8.

Fraudsters are good at spoofing phone numbers

Be wary of any direct calls or text messages you receive from someone claiming they’re a representative from Premier America or another financial institution. It’s best to politely end the call or not respond to a text message, and call the institution directly to verify the legitimacy of the initial call/text you received.

Be vigilant when sending money online

There are a lot of convenient ways to send money to people online, but these services are often a target of fraudsters. A common tactic is for a fraudster to send you a text or email notifying you of an online payment that you didn’t initiate. It’s often a means to get you to contact the fraudster who will appear to represent your financial institution. From there, the fraudster will typically have you complete a number of actions, supposedly to help you cancel the payment, but the real goal is to have you unintentionally release the funds to them. To guard against this scheme, be sure to only use contact numbers you know to be legitimate and never respond directly to a text message, email or phone call you suspect might be fraud.

Just remember, a Premier America representative will never contact you directly to ask for your Online Banking login information or secure one-time-passcodes you receive when enrolling with our new Zelle® payments service. Please review these tips for staying safe when sending money with Zelle®.