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Online Banking

It is easy to move money between accounts in Online Banking. Once you're logged in, click on Make a Transfer, and select which account is sending the funds and which is receiving.

To set up a transfer to an external financial institution, log into Online Banking and Manage External Acct under Services. From there, input the required information from your external account. To authorize the connection, Premier America will initiate two micro-deposits to verify the account information is correct. This process can take 2-5 business days. Once those deposits are made, you will log back into Online Banking to verify the deposit amounts. After that, you will be able to set up transfers to and from that external account from inside Online Banking. 
To make a transfer to a fellow Premier America Credit Union member, click on Menu, then Move Money, then Member to Member. From there, you will select the option to link your account (to have the option for ongoing transfers) or Single (for one-time transfers). 

Zelle® is a fast, safe and easy way to send money to friends, family and other people you trust. Whether you’re paying rent, gifting money, or splitting the cost of a bill, Zelle® has you covered. Sign up by logging into Online Banking and selected Move Money from the Main Menu. Then select, Send Money with Zelle®. You will need to enroll your U.S. mobile number or email address. Then you are ready to start sending and receiving money with Zelle®.

Log into Online Banking and select Move Money from the main menu. Then, just click on Make a Transfer and select the sending and receiving accounts. 
Premier America Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with branches in California and Texas. You may also conviniently join and open your Premier America account online.