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Our new website is here!

We’re excited to show you around and hope you love it as much as we do. We know change can be a bit overwhelming, so we put together this quick guide to help you navigate around a little bit faster.

Online Banking Log In
Our log in button still lives in the upper right corner of our home page but instead of a log in drop down, you’ll get a slide-in side-bar. This new navigation bar will follow you throughout the website so you can access it anytime.

Online Payment Portal
We’ve gone away from the big navigation menu which meant a relocation for our payment portal link. The “Make a Payment” link is now located on the top right, next to the Online Banking button, which follows you throughout the website.
New navigation menu 
We’ve cleaned up our main navigation menu and have moved things around a bit. Here’s a quick breakdown with brief descriptions for each.
Old Menu Name New Menu Name Brief Description
Checking and SavingsBankFind all of our personal banking products such as a checking and savings account, and check out the services we offer.
Loans and Credit CardsBorrowHere you will find information on all the loans we offer including, vehicle, home, credit cards, and more.
New: BusinessWe relocated all our business products in one location to help make them easier to find for our business members.
Make a PaymentMake a PaymentThe name didn’t change but the location did. It’s now located on the top right sub-menu.
InsuranceProtectLearn about all our insurance products to help you protect yourself and your assets.
Wealth ManagementInvestVisit our Wealth Management site and learn about how we can help you with your future financial planning.
Community/LearnLearnAccess our financial learning tools such as our blog, upcoming webinars, financial education tools, and more!
New: AboutWe wanted to have and easy to find place where we share who Premier America is, and what we’ve done to live our core values.
Branch Appointments
We’ve made it easy to make an appointment with our branch team by moving the appointment link inside of our individual branch pages. Simply find on the branch you’d like to make the appointment at and click on “Make an appointment”.

As a reminder, use our helpful search function located in the menu bar to help you find anything you’re having difficulty locating.

And if you still need help, send us a note