Are you prepared for "Just in Case?"

Many options are available including:

Annuities – A deferred care annuity can provide a stream of monthly income for a specified period of time. Some offer the possibility of tax-free withdrawals to cover long-term care expenses.

Insurance – Pays for many types of care depending on the coverage purchased.
            A: Long-Term Care-Premium for Benefit – “Use It or Lose It.” No guaranteed renewal pricing.
            B: Life/Long-Term Care Insurance – Long-term benefits if needed. Beneficiaries inherit if not used. Return of premium option.

Medicaid/Medi-Cal – Pays for health care services for people with limited income. Proof of financial hardship must be provided. Services and eligibility vary by state. Facility chosen for you and you may have to pay back with assets.

Medicare – Pays for part-time, short-term care if you require skilled services or rehabilitative care for acute injury or illness.

Reverse Mortgages – A loan that allows you to convert the equity of your home into cash which can be used to pay for long-term care expenses.

Trusts – A trust may provide assets to cover long-term expenses.
So many options can be confusing. To identify the solution best for you, make a no-obligation appointment with a Financial Consultant.

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