Share Loans

Strategic borrowing keeps your savings on track
Savings or Certificate balance serves as collateral
Lower rates than regular Personal Loans
Flexible repayment terms

Here's another good reason to grow your savings

Building up your savings or Certificate balance is a good move because the money will someday come in handy to cover expenses, make major purchases, or pay for something special. But that same money can benefit you right now by serving as collateral for an affordable loan you can use to pretty much any purpose.

  • Borrowing limit depends on your balance
  • Minimum loan of $500
  • Low variable rate of 3 percentage points above savings rate 1
  • Up to 60-month term available when using Savings
  • With Certificates, repayment terms depend on maturity date
With a Share Loan, you can get money for your current needs without touching funds you've set aside for future use. 
Auto Loans
The road to your next ride has never been smoother with low rates and flexible payment options.
Premier America Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with branches in California and Texas.
1 Low variable rate