Loan Protection

Take smart steps to protect your loan and family's finances against the unexpected
Loan Payment Protection (LPP)
Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
Major Mechanical Protection (MMP)

Getting extra coverage can be the right move

The cost of living is pretty high these days. So is the cost of auto repair and replacement. At Premier America, we offer Loan Protection plans that safeguard your finances if misfortune strikes. Depending on the plan, coverage kicks in if you lose your job due to illness or disability; if your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair; or if you need major auto repairs after your manufacturer's warranty expires. Ask your loan officer how you can get a fully protected loan from Premier America Credit Union.    

Major Mechanical Protection (MMP)
The high cost of major auto repairs can put a big dent in any household budget. MMP is like an extended warranty, covering a wide variety of replacement parts and labor after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

If your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair, there's a good chance that your traditional insurer's payout won't cover everything you still owe on your auto loan. GAP coverage makes up the difference, including your insurance deductible. GAP is available to Premier America members who finance a new or used vehicle with us.
Loan Protection Plan*
Life is unpredictable. Unexpected events could leave you or your family scrambling to pay your monthly bills. With this plan, you may be able to skip payments on Premier America loans - or the loan may be completely forgiven - in the event of loss of life, disability, or involuntary unemployment.
To learn more, or to sign up, please visit any Premier America branch.
Life is unpredictable. At Premier America, we offer Loan Protection plans that can safeguard your finances if misfortune strikes.
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*Please refer to the Loan Protection Plan Contract for additional information on benefit maximums, eligibility and limitations.