Take Control of your Finances

Introducing Money Management. Your personal budgeting and money manager tool.

Let us help take the hard work out of budgeting. Our new Money Management tool helps you understand where your money goes, allows you to reduce unwanted spending and save for future goals. You can visualize and interact with your data in new and meaningful ways - all conveniently and securely within Online Banking and the Mobile App.

  • Organize all your account balances and transactions in one placeBubble Budget Graph
  • Visualize spending with dynamic budget bubbles.
  • Automatically categorize transactions
  • Manage saving, debt reduction and retirement goals

You can see your entire financial picture in an easy to use, state-of-the-art and secure location using Money Management.

To get started, just log in to Online Banking or the mobile app to manage your finances anywhere, anytime.
Note for FinanceWorks users: The new Money Management solution will be replacing FinanceWorks. During your initial visit to use Money Management, you'll need to re-enter your login credentials for any outside financial institution accounts you've previously set up.


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