It's easy to switch the card you use for online purchases

Spend less time swapping and more time shopping

Did you get a new credit or debit card? CardSwap makes it easy to update your online payment information through a one-stop solution for switching cards. 

Get Started

  • Log in to Online Banking or our Mobile App
  • Click on "Pay Bills"
  • Click on "CardSwap"
  • Follow the screen prompts
  • Verify your Premier America credit card or Debit Mastercard
  • Log in to the websites where you shop or make payments
  • Once all your shopping sites are linked, you can swap out expired cards or change the card stored for that service
CardSwap works with over 50 popular online shopping and streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Walmart, Hulu, and more.
Financial resources at your fingertips for simplified decision-making.
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