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Discover More Ways to Save: Making Saving Easy

  • Budgeting
  • June 2023
  • Premier America
Making the best decisions with your money isn’t always easy. You have many hopes and dreams – short-term and long-term – that require savings and a plan. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save for all of your goals in one place? You can – you just need the right banking partner.

How to Save My Money with the Right Partner

When considering what to look for in a bank, sometimes your best options might not be at a bank at all, but rather at a similar financial institution called a credit union.

Credit unions (like Premier America Credit Union) are not-for-profit cooperatives that offer some of the most competitive savings options on the market. Unlike for-profit banks that are owned by shareholders and seek to profit from customers, a credit union serves its members, who are also its owners. So, profits are distributed back to members in the form of higher savings rates, fewer fees, and lower loan rates.

Like banks, credit unions offer in-person and online banking services, along with nationwide ATM access and in-branch services at partnering credit unions. The best credit unions are also committed to supporting a lifetime of financial success for their members with premium banking products that meet their needs every step of the way.

Smart Saving Tips for Your Future

Here are five ways to enjoy a lifetime of savings with a credit union:

Savings Made Easy

Get a no- or low-fee account that offers competitive savings rates without the hassle. It begins with our Smart Savings account: just $1 minimum to open, this is a great option for everyone, and a terrific way to start planting the seeds of financial well-being for the child in your life.

Fee-Free Checking

Saving also means holding onto the money you do have by avoiding added fees and charges that often come with many of the big banks. Some of the best credit unions offer fee-free checking with no monthly minimums or overdraft fees. So, go ahead and write checks, pay bills and transfer funds worry-free.

Money Market Accounts

Money Markets offer the best of both worlds between a savings and a checking account. Your money earns interest, while you also enjoy easy and immediate access to your savings. Money Markets offer higher interest earnings than traditional savings accounts with tiered rates for higher balances. They are flexible accounts, terrific for reaching your short-term goals.

Certificates of Deposit (CD)

Looking for even better locked-in savings? Certificates provide higher interest rates, and varied terms provide you with options on how long to secure your dividend rates; anywhere from 3 months to 5 years. Once the Certificate matures, you can withdraw your deposit plus interest earned, or roll it into a new Certificate. One of the best features of Certificates are their fixed rates and guaranteed returns, bringing peace of mind to your investing.

Both Certificates and Money Market accounts are insured up to $250,000, offering high-yield savings and a low-risk way to grow your money.

Wealth Planning

It’s never too early to get the best guidance for growing and protecting your money. Whether you want to plan for retirement, start a college fund, increase your tax savings, or manage investments and risk, partnering with a financial planning team will help you create a sound financial plan that adapts to life’s changes and allows you to live the life you desire.

You’re always stronger with a plan and a good partner. Set yourself up for a lifetime of success with Premier America. Join today with just $1 at www.premieramerica.com.