Loans for any occasion

From overdraft protection to extra cash when you need it, Premier America offers personal loans and lines of credit designed with you in mind.
  • $1,000-$5,000 credit limits
  • Revolving, open-end overdraft protection
  • Low variable rate
  • Checking Account protection

‚ÄčPremier Line of Credit

  • $1,000-$30,000 credit limits
  • Convenient access to cash
  • Cash advances online or at any branch or ATM location
  • Revolving, open-end credit line
  • Low variable rate

Personal Loans

  • $500-$30,000 unsecured fixed rate loans

Share Loans

  • Use funds in your share Savings account as collateral
  • Minimum $500
  • Low variable rate - 3% above Savings rate
  • Up to a 60 month term available

Certificate Loans

  • Use funds in your Certificate account as collateral
  • Minimum $500
  • Fixed rate - 3% above Certificate rate
  • Up to the term of the Certificate
For more details on financing and rates, contact us.
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