Budgeting Calculators

Ready to set up your budget and achieve your goals?

Balance Your Checking Account

Add up your deposits and subtract your debits to quickly figure out your updated balance.

Calculate Your Net Worth

Your net worth is the difference between what you own and what you owe, meaning lower debt increases the number.

Household Cash Flow Tracker

Track where your money goes each month so you can find areas to save.

How Much Am I Spending?

Track your spending activity based on various categories to help you set up a budget that works for you!

Save or Pay Off Debt

Use this calculator to help you decide whether you should use a lump sum of money to pay down debt or put away into savings.

Should You Work Outside of the Home?

Weigh all of the financial factors that go into deciding whether you should be a stay-at-home parent or return to work.

Spare Change

All of those coins in the jar can add up to a significant chunk of change. Use this calculator to tally the total.

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