HomeReady Mortgage

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For low- and modest-income borrowers
Reduced down payment
Online education tools

We all know that there's no place like home

Many people dream of having their own home. But for some, it remains only a dream because of traditional 20% down payment requirements. HomeReady Mortgages aim to change that. We can help low- and moderate-income home buyers get a place of their own through a government-backed program with a reduced down payment of 3-5% and other financial advantages.

  • HomeReady Mortages are offered as a partnership between Premier America and Fannie Mae, the nation's top mortgage financing corporation
  • Lower down payments for home purchase or higher loan-to-value options for refinance transactions*
  • Potentially lower rates on mortgages ranging from 10 to 30 years
  • Cash for down payment allowed from multiple sources, including gifts and grants. No minimum percentage of personal funds required.
  • Lower cost premiums and cancellable private mortgage insurance (PMI) ** saves you money every month
  • Online education tools offer guidance for long-term homeownership success
To obtain a Fannie Mae mortgage, borrowers need to complete complete an online education class that puts them in the best position to be successful long-term homeowners.  
Financial resources at your fingertips for simplified decision-making.
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*Can be used for any fixed-rate term (10, 15, 20 or 30 year)
**Restrictions Apply